The Water Project

Our Goal is to provide clean, safe and sustainable drinking water across the country.  The intension is to use all water delivery methods from small retail water bottles to bulk delivery.  Everyone has a choice in the brand they choose to purchase.  We ask that you make the Socially Responsible Choice of the “Project Water” Brand.  Our Profits will be used to help ensure those who less fortunate have access to clean and safe drinking water.

Safe Drinking water is the essence of life! Over 50 people each and every day lose their lives because they aren’t able access this basic necessity for life.

We need your HELP.  We don’t need $1000’s from the few, we only need a little support from everyone.  We know our prayers will be answered, because we aren’t asking for much…  for those who cannot give,  we just ask that you make the social choice of selecting “Project Water” as your drinking choice at the store, a restaurant or the bulk water you use at home.    If you can give we ask the you help us realize our cause.

This is NOT a small undertaking, this will NOT be easy, we will need the support of those who can give, and those with a voice to push along our agenda to reach our goals.

Our Mission is to provide a alternate choice for those already paying for water.  We don’t want you to pay more than you already do.  We only ask you make the Social choice… a corporation won’t profit from something we should all have access to.  If they can run a for profit business selling and providing water, so can we!   It’s this model that will allow us to help those in need.

If you are a social influencer, we’d love to hear from you.   We need to hear from you!  It’s vitally important that you pass along our mission to the people of the Philippines.

We have a funding goal of 1 Million USD, it’s with this funding which will allow us to enter the beverage market. Creating some space within a water start-up will allow us to build this project into a self funding non-profit with the goals to eliminate drinking water as a reason people are losing their lives.

We know that there are enough good people from different backgrounds, and faiths who are in a position to give a little to make a major change for an entire nation.

Consumers are unlikely to shift to tap water as their main source of drinking water because of concerns about pollution and disease. The entry of new bulk water brands and the expansion of existing brands will help to maintain low prices of bottled water, thereby fuelling demand across income levels.